UPVC Lock Repairs

BPC Locksmiths repairing a broken UPVc handle setBPC Locksmiths changing a faulty UPVc gearbox

If the handles on your UPVC or composite door feel different, something is possibly wrong with your multipoint lock. We would advise you to try to operate the lock with the door open. If it works smoothly and fully, then the lock is fine, but the frame keeps may need adjustment. If not the multipoint mechanism needs looking at and possibly replacing. Some multipoint locks fail in the locked position, meaning the door is jammed locked, reducing exit points in case of an emergency, We carry a range of multipoint lock parts in our van and it is usually a 1-2 hour process to have your door operating smoothly again.


Multipoint locks come as a blank oversized length and therefore require cutting down to fit, they also come with different backsets (edge of door to key and handle centres, and handle to lock centres) it is important that the right lock is fitted/replaced.we carry out upvc lock repairs or replacement regularley and can source parts locally, so your door should be secured and operating smoothly the same day


Home security has never been more important than today. Domestic burglary is on the increase and crime statistics show that entry through doors is becoming as common as through windows. UPVC Door Locks recognise that crime is on the rise, especially those involving burglary. In a world where thieves are using more innovative ways of breaking into property UPVC Door Locks has a range of the latest security locks and UPVC products to help combat this.


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